Research on the Application of Digital Technology in the Manufacture of Aerospace Sheet Metal Forming Die

At present, along with the raising China's aerospace development level and the expanding of the scale of the aircraft production, it also puts forward higher demands on the aerodynamic shape of ai...

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The Importance of Acceptance of Auto Sheet Metal Stamping Dies

In the production process of sheet metal stamping parts, it can be found that the quality of sheet metal stamping die has a great influence on the production quality and production efficiency of sheet...

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The Three Aspects on the Process of Machining Sheet Metal

1. CuttingIn recent years, mechatronics equipment, such as CNC machine tools, has gradually been used in sheet metal fabrication, which makes the operation of the blanking process more convenient and ...

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Two-color High Gloss Plastic Injection Molding Products and the Applications in the Automotive Industry

With the development of present science and technology, the improvement of manufacturing level, and the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of automobile appearance quality and performance,...

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