Zinc Die Casting

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The Major Benefits Of Zinc Die Casting
The Major Benefits Of Zinc Die Casting
  • Complex shapes and thinner walls.

  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

  • Longer tool life without the need for constant maintenance.

  • Wide range of finishing options: almost any desired aesthetic characteristic and coating durability can be achieved.

  • Faster production: rates of zinc die casting production are much faster than aluminum die casting or magnesium die casting.

Application for Zinc Die Casting

Application for Zinc Die Casting

  • Automotive

  • Electronics

  • Door & Window hardware

  • Industrial/Mechanical design

Advantages And Pictures Of Various Zinc Materials

Common Zinc Alloys Application

Name: Door handle zinc die casting

Material: Zamak2

Surface Finish: Chrome plating


Name: Bathroom Accessories zinc die casting

Material: Zamak3

Surface Finish: Nickle Plating


Name: Zinc die cast auto spare parts

Material: Zamak5

Surface Finish: chrome plating


Name: Zinc die cast faucet

Material: Zamak3

Surface Finish: Nickle Plating


Advantages for Common Zinc Material




Highest strength and hardness of all Zamak alloys

More excellent damping capacity and vibration attenuation than aluminum die cast alloys

Higher creep performance than other Zamak alloys


Excellent balance of desirable physical and mechanical properties

Superb castability

Long-term dimensional stability

Excellent finishing characteristics for plating, painting treatments


Higher strength than Zamak 3

More readily plated, finished than Alloy 3

Widely used zinc alloy in Europe


Excellent finishing and plating characteristics

Highest creep strength of any zinc alloy

Ideal for decorative applications

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