Automotive Injection Molding

From commercial vehicles to the family truckster, we have a part in it.

At Premium, we mould a wide range of top-quality plastics and polymers using our advanced plastic injection molding machines and techniques. It is the best choice for mass production and bespoke design in the automotive industry.

Our injection molded products have been used across the automotive industry abroad for many years, thanks to our extensive experience and expertise. Just as you and your clients rely on your vehicles to work properly and perform every time, you can rely on our products to get the job done to a high-spec finish with accuracy and durability.

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Why Choose Premium for Automotive Plastic Parts?

  • Customer satisfaction first

    Our customer's prerogative to tweak their designs for total satisfaction before moving on to the mass tooling moulding and assembling production stage.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Our comprehensive design, development and prototype machining expertise can mitigate design risk without sacrificing development speed.

  • Mass Customisation

    Support low-volume manufacturing to enable more diverse and customised needs.

  • Quality Inspections

    Validate part geometry with several quality documentation options. DFM Report, Detailed Measurement Report are available.

  • ISO9001 compliant

    Definitely you can be confident that our work stands up to exacting industry standards.

What Automotive Products We Can Manufactured?

Automotive injection moulding covers a huge range of products used in car engines, exterior fittings and interiors.

We manufactured automotive products using plastic injection moulding include:

  • fascias

  • radio controls

  • engine management components

  • headlight surrounds

  • bumpers

  • spoilers

  • power steering

  • tyre pressure sensors

  • fuel systems

  • window and windscreen surround

  • interior trims

  • mirror casings

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