Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication

When it comes to aerospace sheet metal fabrication "good enough" is never an option. Aerospace metal fabrication and stamping require tight tolerances and precision measurements among the most accurate in the industry.

Premium has been a leading provider of aerospace sheet metal fabrication services. Our dedicated team is able to provide a number of diverse solutions for aerospace applications, so if you're in need of aerospace sheet metal for your products, be sure to contact us today. 

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Premium Is an Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication Company You Can Trust.

  • Precision

Whether small, intricate parts or large simple enclosures, Premium is your source for your precision-stamped aerospace parts, our aerospace sheet metal fabrication consistently exceeding industry.

  • Advanced equipment

Utilizing our state-of-the-art machines and skilled experienced staff, Premium can deliver stamped /fabricated metal parts that match your exact specifications. We hold tolerances within ± 0.001”for internal structure and ± 0.003” for external structure and can work with materials as thin as 0.005”.

  • In-house tooling & die stamping services

At Premium, all our tooling and stamping dies are produced in-house. This helps us ensure that all tooling and dies match customer design requirements and meet our own high standards of quality.

We have experience working with commercial and military aerospace applications including interiors, structural parts, firewalls and more. All of these factors help to make us the ideal aerospace sheet metal fabrication engineers for your operations.

Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication Components

An important part of aerospace sheet metal fabrication is aircraft sheet metal forming technology  

1. According to structural characteristics, aerospace sheet metal parts have skin, frame, panel, wing ribs, conduit, etc.  

2. According to different materials, aerospace sheet metal fabrication components can be basically divided into profile parts, plate parts and pipe parts.



Metal Fabrication for the Aerospace Industry

In view of the urgent demand for the lightweight and integrated development of aerospace sheet metal processing parts, the manufacturing of magnesium and titanium light alloy complex special-shaped thin-walled aircraft aluminum sheet metal processing parts with small characteristic structures such as bosses, stiffeners and small fillet corners has become an important business in the aerospace metal fabrication industry.  


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