Prototype Mould

Prototype mould also called "soft tooling" or "rapid tooling", it can delivery 2-4 weeks, prototype mould is a less expensive option for a successful production process, our advanced machining equipment, in-house molding, and experienced staff are dedicated to our molding production, make your project easier, faster and more economical.

Advantages and Limitation of Prototype Mould

Advantages and Limitation of Prototype Mould


Prototype mould has a short life, because of this, the prototype and plastic mold is primarily used for the production of prototype parts, or for low volume production.

Speed up the concept

Our rapid prototyping plastic injection molding manufacturing process is greatly accelerated and the parts produced in a shorter amount of time, usually between 2-4 weeks. The prototype mould would also be 15%-35% and 5-10 times faster to polish than steel molds depending on the complexity of the cavities, that's a very effective solution to increase speed.

Limit the concept risk

Our prototype mould is made of aluminum or soft metal alloy, the concept risk of using rapid prototyping plastic injection molding is greatly lowered. This material for the rapid prototyping plastic injection molding is indeed easier to processing and the prototype mould will not include all the functionalities of the first series. This prototype molding service makes it simpler and easier to make adjustments and modifications on the tool for plastic injection molding if necessary, the flexibility of prototype mould is a great advantage.

Reduce financial risk

Although the cost of prototype injection molding is expensive, going for a prototype mould to produce your parts will limit the initial investment. The rapid prototyping injection molding will indeed allow for the production of several thousand parts in a short period of time. The prototype mould remains your property because you can use the tool to produce small series of plastic parts.

Benefit from series parts

Overmolding injection molding process and insert injection molding process are also possible with our prototype mould. The parts made from the rapid prototyping plastic injection molding will be equivalent to series parts. Complex shapes and accurate tolerance, wide choice of materials and good finishing.

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What Material are Normally Used for Prototype Mould?

Aluminum 7075

Aluminum 7075 for rapid prototyping injection molding is the best choice for low volume production requirement and simple geometry product, such as 1~10k pieces. By using AL-7075, the machining of Aluminum 7075 tool can be much faster because this material is softer and has better machinability, the machining cost will be reduced accordingly. Generally speaking, Al-7075 is the best tooling material for prototype plastic injection molding because it is fastest and the most affordable way.


We also use P20 material for prototype mould, one of the most widely-used tooling steels. P20 for prototype plastic injection molding can works for different surface finishes and part geometry and great majority of the product's dimensions. Depending on molding resin and tooling structure, our prototype mould life can be up to 200K.

S136H and NAK80

Normally we use S136H and NAK80 for high glossy prototype plastic injection molding product. The normal prototype mould is about HRC35~38, the tooling life can be up to 500k because of its higher hardness.

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