Aluminium Die Casting

Introduction of Aluminium Die Casting
Introduction of Aluminium Die Casting

Premium help customers deliver products that can exceed quality demands, we serve a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Lighting: LED and other light products plus die cast heat sinks, roadway lighting, area Lights and other consumer lighting components

  • Industrial Equipment: Aluminum die casting services for bearing housings, heat sinks and many more specific parts

  • Meters: Aluminum die casting services for electric, water, gas, parking and other meters

  • Automotive &trucking: We specialize in automotive &truck parts and systems e.g. cylinders, Engine Components

Advantages of Our Aluminum Die Casting Services
Advantages of Our Aluminum Die Casting Services
  • Die-cast parts weighing 4 g- 20,000 g, max size up to 1,000mm*1,000m

  • Die casting machines with up to 1850 tons clamping force

  • Finishing in accordance with ISO 2768-1, etc

  • Wide range of surface treatments available: anodizing, polishing, passivating, powder coating, chrome plating, screen printing etc

  • Component assembly

Products Show

Name: Led Heatsink

Material: ADC12

Surface Finish: Smooth

Name: Led light housing

Material: A380

Surface Finish: Sand Blasting

Name: Gearbox Housing

Material: ADC12

Surface Finish: Powder coating

Name: Electric motor body Material: Alsi9cu3

Surface Finish: Sand blasting&Smooth

Name: Pump housing

Material: ADC12

Surface Finish: Shot Blasting

Name: valve parts

Material: Aluminum Y112

Surface Finish: Shot Blasting

Advantages and Potential Disadvantages for Different Aluminum Materials



Potential disadvantages


A380/ ADC10


Strong at high temperature

Corrosion resistance

Dimensional stability with  complex shapes

High electrical conductivity

Good thermal conductivity

It is the best choice if you have budgetary concerns, and don't need the highest level of corrosion resistance and pressure density

A383 / ADC12

alternatives to A380

offers improved resistance to hot cracking (strength at elevated temperatures)

Not as durable as the A380

Typically, only used for intricate components requiring improved die filling characteristics

A360 / ADC3

Offers higher strength at high temperatures

Better ductility

Higher corrosion resistance than

the A380

Harder to cast than the A380

A514 / ADC6

Provides the best combination of strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and finishing qualities

Difficult to cast

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