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CNC prototyping is the fastest way that allows designers to rapidly verify designs and iterate ideas without tooling costs, CNC machining services are ideal to make rapid prototyping from plastic or metal, they are able to achieve tighter tolerance with better surface finishes compared with other prototyping technology. Premium is proud of assisting customers for both large and small businesses not only the ability to produce a single prototype or low volume production but also engineering support service and design optimization to help with the development of their designs.

Our CNC prototyping has all the features required to make a fully functional part, including tapping, threaded holes, and precisely flat mating faces, helping customers save time and cost by optimizing product specifications. 

Advantages of CNC Rapid Prototyping

Advantages of CNC Rapid Prototyping

Advantage 1: Fast Turnaround

Unlike humans, who have to take rest, CNC machines can operate 24/7, 365 days a year. The only times the manufacturer takes this type of machine out of operation are for maintenance purposes and system upgrading, which means most CNC prototyping could be delivered within 7 days.

Advantage 2: Wide Selection for Material

Customers can choose a variety of materials to meet the performance of parts. CNC machining can accommodate it regardless if you need prototyping made of plastic or metal.

Advantage 3: High Accuracy

CNC prototyping can create model parts or components of unbelievable accuracy by +/-0.01mm, something unachievable with a manually operated machine or 3D printing.

Advantage 4: Test a Full Range of Designs

Through CNC prototyping, engineers can test complicated designs that would otherwise be costly and time-intensive to produce. Creating prototyping with different part geometries can help designers understand the balance between function and aesthetics during prototyping testing. Once various prototyping is tested, engineers can make their design to the simplest form necessary to the function of the part.

Advantage 5: Scalability

CNC machines can produce hundreds or thousands of replicated products. Engineers make any necessary changes after checking the model, the operator inputs the new information into to program and tells the machine how to make the required quantity of finished products with very high accuracy.

CNC Prototyping Products Show

CNC Prototyping Products
CNC Prototyping Products
CNC Prototyping Products
CNC Prototyping Products
CNC Prototyping Products
CNC Prototyping Products
CNC Prototyping Products
CNC Prototyping Products

Material Options for CNC Prototyping

Here is the list for our normal CNC prototyping material, other materials will check upon request.



6061-T6, 6082, 7075-T6, 5083, 5052, 2014, 2017, 6063, 7050, A380, MIC 6

Stainless steel

303, 304, 316L, 2205 Duplex


Mild steel 1018, Mild steel 1045, Mild steel A36, Alloy steel 4140, Alloy steel 4340, Tool steel O1, Tool Steel A2, Tool Steel A3, Tool Steel D2, Tool Steel S7, Tool Steel H13

Other metal

Brass C360, Copper C101, Copper C110, Titanium Grade 1, Titanium Grade 2, Invar, Inconel 718, Magnesium AZ31B



ABS, Polypropylene, Nylon 6, Delrin (POM-H), Acetal (POM-C), PVC, HDPF, UHMWPE, Polycarbonate, PET, PTFE (Teflon)

Reinforced Plastic

Garolite G-10, Polypropylene (PP) 30%GF, Nylon 30%GF, FR4

Surface Finishes for CNC Prototyping

These are normal surface finishes for our CNC prototyping, other finishes will check upon request.

As Machined                        


Sand Blasting/Bead Blasting

Anodized Clear or Color

Powder Coating


Black oxide

Chromate conversion coating




Silk Screen printing

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