Plastic Channel

Plastic Channel includes Polycarbonate(PC), PVC, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Nylon, ABS and Acrylics etc.

Material for Plastic Channel
Material for Plastic Channel

Plastic channels are used in a variety of applications ranging from industrial use, machine rail guides or protectors (Nylon, PVC, PC, PE, PP, ABS), to pool liner clips (PE), and decorative edge trims (Acrylic, PVC, Nylon).

Application of Plastic Channels

Application of Plastic Channels


Polycarbonate has excellent smooth surface with a glossy finish and used for applications requiring high impact resistance, smooth surface quality, and colorability. It include edge trims and corner protectors.


PVC has both rigid and flexible grades, it depends on the specific requirements of the applications. It is available for clear or non-transparent 聽colors, can be cut to custom lengths that depend on the grades . Its ability is the obvious advantage is to curve surface areas. Rigid PVC has excellent impact strength for both indoor and outdoor functional applications. Both grades are easily produced in colors as needed. Typical uses for PVC channels are gaskets, edge trims and retention clips.


They are all economical materials for applications that do not require high impact resistance and UV resistance, In most shapes or tube sizes, PP has more rigidity, PE is more flexible than PP. General applications for PE & PP channels are pool liner clips, edge trims and wire covers.


ABS profiles is most useful in indoor applications, combine high impact resistance with good colorability, along with a smooth surface quality.


Acrylics(PMMA) can be used for price channels. Application for acrylic channels would be price tag holders, bin edging, hinge applications and shelving edging.

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