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  1. Premium offers the best development and design support services in the plastic injection molding industry, customers from all over the world come to us not only need the most reliable concepts to ensure the success of their project but also with challenging plastic parts, our team of expert designers and engineers have over 20 years of processing experience and use every tool available to produce accurate results, so you can be confident of us that your molding project is on budget, on schedule and delivers the absolute best quality part with every shot.

  2. Premium precision machining ltd do DFM support for customers with below benifits

    · Higher Quality

    · Quicker Time to Market

    · Lower materials and labor costs

    · Lower Production Cost

    · Fewer Engineering Changes

    · Reduce product development cycle time

    · Lower Capital Equipment Cost

    · Greater Automation Potential

    · Bring Production up to Speed Sooner

    · Emphasis on standards reduces costs

  3. Help you to Estimating Manufacturing Costs


Source: Design for Manufacturing and Assemble, D. Havel,

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