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Premium provides high-quality parts by CNC Machining, Plastic Injection Moulding and Sheet metal fabrication, die casting and extrusion way to meet the overall requirements of your project, the diversified mode of production can enable you to complete the project in fragmented processing parts in one company, to help you save in time, labor and cost, if you're ready to start your next project, please contact us for your quote (start your 7 stars service journey).


Company Culture

Technological Pursuit

Devote ourselves to producing more precision plastic and metal parts with a professional attitude, deliver solutions with lean and agile processes.

Operation Philosophy

To be most competitive, challenging, inclusive and vigorous, invest in advanced technology and talent.

Quality Policy

Focus on higher quality to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement by technological innovation, earn respect by fulfilling our promises.

Environment Policy

Save energy, prevent pollution, comply with laws and aim at sustainable development.

The most important corporate culture is hard work, every staff strives to do their best. We know that when individuals improve a little bit day by day, it means the whole company will be greatly improved, the increased orders represent customer's recognition and finally it will return to our stuff. This is a virtuous circle, our guys recognize this culture and willing to right for it.

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