CNC Machining Application Cases

Our clients include large corporations, medium-sized companies, as well as many smaller shops. The industries Premium precision machine inc serves to vary widely, but include:

  • Aerospace / Aircraft
    Aerospace / Aircraft

    We can perform high-precision fabrication and meet the tight tolerances required for interior and exterior components for aircraft such as helicopters and commercial jets. 

  • Automotive

    We expertise in high-precision machined engine parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

  • Military And Defense
    Military And Defense

    We can work with military and defense contractors to create custom products and components such as the military telescope, vehicle parts.

  • Consumer Products
    Consumer Products

    The consumer products involved in a wide range of goods, including household appliances, electronic equipment and more.

  • OEM

    We serve all types of original equipment manufacturing operations, help reducing costs, shortening lead times and increasing efficiency.    

CNC Machining Industries We Serve
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