PVC Extrusion

Premium is in the field of PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride) extrusion over 10 years, we have brought together expertise and knowledge, knows how to delivery customer's top-end products with wide range of highly specialized mold and facilities. Our PVC extrusion capabilities always accord with or or exceed the needs of our customers. 

Advantages of PVC Extrusion
Advantages of PVC Extrusion

As one of the most commonly-utilized plastics, PVC is often extruded to form items in consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. At Premium custom manufacturing, we produce good quality PVC profiles and offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, thicknesses, lengths, and configurations that can meet your specific needs.

Below are some of the advantages:

  • Low cost

  • Its flexibility in a variety of different possible levels of plasticizer

  • Plastisol processing is available

  • It is uninflammable

  • Good resistance to weathering

Material and Application

PVC can be manufactured in one of two forms, flexible and rigid, Premium can extrude both materials.

Flexible PVC Extrusion

Rigid PVC Extrusion

soft pvc sealing

rigid pvc extrusion

Because of using plasticizers, flexible PVC is much softer and more amenable to bending than its rigid counterpart. Flexible PVC can be very lightweight and is available in various softness, grades and a wide range of colors. It is very resilient and is compatible with many additives for UV stabilization, flame retardants and color, many flexible PVC extrusion use in electrical, automotive, medical including coated wire and cable, protective strips, seating coverings, surgical equipment, drug delivery etc.

The most common use of PVC, rigid PVC is strong, lightweight, and integral to numerous applications. Rigid PVC is easy to weld via the use of thermoplastic welding equipment. Many of our rigid PVC extrusions use in the automotive, construction, and marine applications. Common application examples include parts to manufacture automotive, boats, and large doors and decking pieces.

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