Where Are the Main Advantages of Precision Parts Processing?

Create Time: 20-12-2017

In precision parts and ordinary two, more and more people will tend to choose the former. As an integral part of machinery, why are precision parts more popular? What are the benefits of precision parts processing?

1. About the precision parts processing

Precision machining, machining with a machining accuracy of 0.01 to 0.003mm and a surface roughness of less than 0.3mm. The degree of automation determines the development of the processing industry. Nowadays, most metal parts can be processed automatically or semi-automatically. The quality of the parts produced automatically is relatively stable and reliable. For precision parts with higher quality requirements, precision parts processing is more necessary.

Precision parts processing is carried out by using numerical control lathes, also called numerical control processing. The biggest difference between numerical control processing and ordinary machine tools is that all actions carried out by numerical control processing are controlled by pre-designed programs.

2. What are the benefits of precision parts processing?

Parts in the process of processing, due to the influence of various factors, easy to lead to its own defects, such as appearance is not up to standard, limited scope of use and so on. The existence of these defects is bound to bring certain problems to the use of parts. In order to overcome these problems and give full play to the unique value of parts, machining precision parts processing is the best choice.

Choosing precision parts processing can not only effectively improve the material quality, part precision and play its function, but also greatly improve the durability of parts and promote the quality of the whole machinery. Precision machining is also beneficial to improve the dimensional accuracy of parts, so the most direct effect is to make parts achieve interchangeability, thereby increasing the wear resistance and service life of parts.

It is precisely because of the above-mentioned advantages that precision parts processing is so popular, and equipment assembly can also be used in more suitable fields, so that its value can be brought into full play. From this point of view, we must pay attention to the high precision machined parts. After processing various parts, we can get more suitable parts for ourselves. Therefore, in order to make these products better serve ourselves and give full play to its extreme value, many people can not do without the important link of precision machining.

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