What Are the General Medical Equipment of CNC Machining?

Create Time: 20-12-2017

As it is compatible with many requirements required by this precision industry, CNC medical machining is used in the manufacture of medical precision parts. So what parts are CNC machining services generally used for?

1. Medical CNC machining services: medical implants

One of the most important uses for machining medical parts is the production of body implants, such as knee implants and hip replacements. Most of the time, doctors only need a small number of implants. This means that processes like injection molding are not economical to use. This is because mold production can unnecessarily increase production costs. However, with CNC medical machining, machinists can reuse tools. In this way, they do not affect production costs. These implants are made from a variety of metals, from metals such as titanium to plastics such as PEEK. This makes CNC machining services a viable machining process. This is due to its compatibility with a wide variety of materials. Therefore, it is very suitable for this type of production process.

2. Medical CNC machining services: machining surgical instruments

In addition to manufacturing body implants, CNC machining services can also manufacture surgical instruments that medical professionals use during surgical procedures. These metal parts may include scissors, biopsy tubes, blade handles, cutters, clips, spacers, benders, etc. These CNC-machined surgical tools and instruments must be manufactured with care and with additional safety requirements, such as easy sterilization. Medical device manufacturers may favor CNC machining services for these surgical tools due to high precision requirements. Some tools and instruments must be produced in small batches. Therefore, CNC fabrication services would be the perfect economical way to produce these parts. Through CNC machining, medical precision parts can also undergo comprehensive surface finishing to ensure no surface defects.

3. Medical CNC machining services: machining parts for electronic medical equipment

Surgical instruments are simple devices that usually consist of one or two metal parts. But CNC machines can make parts for more complex devices, such as heart rate monitors, MRI scanners, and X-ray machines. These expensive devices can contain hundreds or thousands of individual parts, many of which can be made with CNC machines. Machined equipment parts can include small parts such as switches, buttons, and levers, as well as larger parts such as monitor housings. These components must be of a high standard to eliminate any chance of machine failure, especially since medical equipment is often moved from room to room around the hospital. However, unlike implants and surgical tools, these components may not need to be biocompatible or biosafe, as they may never come in direct contact with the patient. Therefore, a wider range of CNC machining services can be used.

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