What Industries Are Plastic Injection Moulding Services Generally Used?

Create Time: 20-12-2017

During the production of parts, accuracy and cost-effectiveness are the two most important considerations that most companies are looking for. So what kind of products are plastic injection moulding services generally used for?

1. Application of plastic injection moulding service in food and beverage

Plastic injection moulding services provide companies with the ability to produce parts from a variety of materials. This is important in industries such as food and beverages, which require compliance with a wide range of regulations regarding the safety of food containers. With plastic injection moulding services, you can use BPA-free and non-toxic plastics that are not only safe for food contact, but also can withstand temperature changes. This, combined with relatively low production costs, makes plastic injection moulding services ideal for producing parts such as food containers, beverage caps, filter assemblies, and more.

2. The applications of injection moulding in the automotive field

Injection moulding is the most viable solution when it comes to mass production of high quality and consistent products. In the automotive industry, where consistency, safety and quality are paramount, injection moulding is one of the main methods of moulding plastic parts in the automotive field. Injection moulding is an established process for many exterior automotive parts, including fenders, grilles, bumpers, door panels, floor rails, lightweight shells, and more. Splash protectors are a great example to demonstrate the durability of injection molded parts. These parts, which protect the car from road debris and minimize splashing, are often made of rubber or other durable materials.

3. Application of plastic injection moulding service in medicine

Thanks to plastic injection moulding services, medical companies are able to produce vital tools and parts at a lower price, which helps make healthcare more accessible to people around the world. Many holistic medical devices, such as heart pumps, various monitors, and others, rely on the precision of plastic injection moulding services, making the technology irreplaceable in the field.

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