The Benefits of Prototype CNC Machining Used in the Automobile Industry

Create Time: 20-12-2017

In the automobile industry, the prototype CNC machining is a good choice. Because it can produce a small number of prototypes in a relatively short time compared to other methods. Different types of prototypes can be easily produced through prototype CNC machining. For example, appearance prototypes are used to convey visual information about the appearance or behavior of the final part. However, functional prototypes require higher tolerance and pay more attention to product structure and stability.

Ⅰ. Prototype CNC machining applied in the automobile industry

Prototype CNC machining can be applied in almost all precision machining industries. In most of these industries, a functional prototype or at least a version that can show how a real product works are needed. The CNC machining of the prototype best meets the requirements. In most cases, prototype CNC machining is usually better suited for functional prototypes that require strength, mechanical stability, or other characteristics that additive processes cannot provide.

As car companies come up with innovations to add to their latest car iterations, they need to develop prototypes of these parts before adding them to the production line. Just like the medical industry, they need to test these prototypes before ordering mass production to see if they work properly and are suitable for cars. Prototype CNC machining is responsible for developing car prototypes that meet precise specifications. Prototype CNC machining also manufactures parts for other transportation tools, such as ships and transportation trucks.

Ⅱ. What are the benefits of using prototype CNC machining?

Cost-effective: If you only need to make a few prototypes, the prototype CNC machining service is the best choice in terms of price. Unlike the injection molding method, you may need several months to prepare the mold and tolerances, and once the blueprint and tolerances are set in a few weeks, the prototype CNC machining can begin.

From prototype to production: In many cases, making prototypes is a way of production. Except for those who want to test product features or use prototypes to market products to potential investors, prototypes help speed up production, because most of the requirements for production are now in place.

High tolerance: Another advantage that CNC machining of prototypes helps speed up prototype production is that they tend to have a high tolerance range. Unlike 3D printing, you can make prototypes as detailed as the finished product. This is a great advantage for those who want to use prototypes for structural and functional testing.

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