Sheet Metal Processing Can Produce Complex Shape Parts

Create Time: 20-12-2017

Due to the sheet metal parts mainly using stamping processing technology, stamping processing is a processing method that uses the pressure provided by stamping equipment to make metal sheet plastic deformation and produce the required shape and size parts by stamping die.

Ⅰ. Sheet metal processing can produce complex shape parts

Steel metal machining can produce complex shape parts, and the waste of production will be less. Sheet metal processing products have enough accuracy of shape and dimension, the interchangeability and surface quality of the products are also excellent. Sheet metal processing can produce the parts with lightweight, less material consumption, high strength, and stiffness. The processing mostly relies on the special mold, the mold manufacturing is complex, and the cost is high. Therefore, only under the condition of mass production, the cost of components produced can be greatly reduced.

And as a result of the assembly connection of sheet metal parts mainly using welding processing technology, welding processing uses the heat or pressure or a combination of both, with or without filler material. It is a processing method using the combination of two objects generated between the atoms to achieve a permanent connection. Therefore, sheet metal processing also has the following features:

1. Compared with the production and processing of forging and casting, sheet metal components have the advantages of a lightweight, metal materials saving, simple processing technology, reducing production costs and saving production costs, etc.

2. Most machining accuracy of the sheet metal components processed by welding is low, and the welding deformation is significant. Therefore, there is a large amount of deformation and correction after welding.

Ⅱ. The characteristic of sheet metal processing technology

1. The power density of the sheet metal processing is high: The workpiece will melt or vaporize after it absorbs the rapidly rising temperature from sheet metal processing, even the materials with a high melting point, high hardness, and high brittleness(such as ceramics, diamond, etc.)also can be processed with sheet metal.

2. Sheet metal processing beam is easy to control: It is easy to combine with precision machinery, precision measurement technology, electronic computer to achieve high automation and high processing accuracy.

3. Sheet metal processing is convenient and flexible: The robot can proceed with sheet metal processing in harsh environments or places difficult for people to enter.

4. Steel metal processing has a wide range of applications. The sheet metal processing beam divergence angle can be less than one milliradian, and the spot diameter can be as small as a micron. The action time can be shortened to nanoseconds and picoseconds. Meanwhile, the continuous output power of high-power sheet metal processing can reach the order of magnitude at kilowatt to ten kilowatts. Due to many welding methods used in industrial production, they can be divided into three categories according to the characteristics of the welding process.

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