Common Electronic Components Using CNC Machining Services

Create Time: 20-12-2017

CNC machining services are a widely used manufacturing process for metal and plastic parts. It is known for its accuracy, repeatability, and ability to produce strong and durable parts from blocks of extruded material. As a result, both large and small, simple and complex parts can be CNC machined. Premium, as a professional CNC machining services supplier, can provide CNC precision machining services, CNC turning services, custom CNC milling services and CNC prototyping. 

1. CNC machining services for printed circuit boards

PCBs are an essential feature of almost all electronic products. PCBs are used to electrically connect various parts of an electronic device, using conductive tracks and other features, usually made by etching. The conductive parts of a PCB are usually made of copper, while the underlying planar substrate is made of non-conductive material. Etching is the most widely used method of manufacturing PCBs. However, unlike CNC fabrication services, it is not always the most practical. This is because etching requires harmful chemicals. Therefore, it should not be used in offices and other non-industrial workplaces. CNC electronic parts machining does not require hazardous chemicals. Therefore, it is a safer option for some work environments.

2. CNC machining services for electronic enclosures and enclosures

Electronic parts CNC machining services are also suitable for the manufacture of plastic or metal housings used as housings for electronic equipment. You can also manufacture these housings and enclosures using die casting or other tool-based processes. However, CNC machining services for electronic parts have the advantage of high precision, tight tolerances, which are critical for consumer product housings with minimal surface defects. Electronic devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, and laptops all require attractive and durable housings that contain the device's circuitry and hardware. Many manufacturers use molding processes to make these parts, but the advantages of choosing CNC machining services for electronic parts are in favor of complex designs and more specialized finishes.

3. CNC machining services for radiators

Many electronic devices, including computers, require heat sinks. Heat sinks are passive heat exchangers that absorb heat generated by electronic components and transfer it to air or liquid coolant, which dissipates heat from equipment to ensure that the equipment does not stop working due to overheating. Electronic parts CNC machining services are ideal for manufacturing heat sinks, even if electronic parts are sometimes very small in size. CNC machines have specific advantages in radiator construction, such as making unusual fin patterns. Most machined heat sinks are made of aluminum or copper alloys. Nonetheless, other possible materials include stainless steel and Inconel, and CNC machining services for heat sinks are more suitable for short-run production or rapid prototyping of electronic devices.

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